Auto Sync feature

Auto Sync feature

Get your favourite settings

With the you can manage all affiliate programs in one simple account, that is tracked and refreshed daily. Know with just one click your performance in different casino programs, and enjoy a full range of marketing materials.

A big range of opportunities

A big range of opportunities

It’s a lot to take advantage

The best way to make business is to know that you will be served with modern marketing material, be correctly tracked, and be paid monthly. No more a wild range of casino programs to check everyday. The best way is to simplify your life.

Real time Analytics and Support

Real time Analytics and Support

Analyze your Performance and get help to improve

Like you, one day we also were affiliates. Our team can lead you to a new landing on marketing affiliates. 24/7 support and managers will help you to increase your earnings. Also, counting with modern tracking system is essential to develop your business.

People Behind BestWayDeal

We believe in Quality over Quantity. Our team will guarantee support 24/7, and improvements to your business.

Thiago Valler
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Thiago Valler


The best possible way deal is to be paid correctly for your earnings.

Alexander Alves
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Alexander Alves

Affiliate Director and Finance

The best possible way deal is to be correctly tracked.

Monthly Promotions

We believe that encourage our affiliates with exclusive promotions is something that bring us mutual benefits. Check out our running promotions campaigns.

Big Prizes

Completely Free

  • Affiliates who brings many players can get thousands of dollars everymonth on their accounts. You earn bringing players, and you earn through our promotions.

Valued Affiliate

Completely Free

  • Bring your friends who work with affiliate programs to our team, and you will be awarded with money.

Affiliate Race

Completely Free

  • Are you a super rocket? If you bring many players you will be awarded for your effort accordingly with prizes up to $3,000.

Affiliate FAQ

Is there a cost to join Best Way Deal?

Absolutely not. Our service is free. You will sign up and have available to you more than 50 affiliate programs.

What kind of deals I am going to work with?

You can choose between CPA, CPA + revenue share (hybrid), or a purely revenue share.

How big is your support team?

We believe in quality. All members of our team has almost one decade of gambling affiliate program. We can solve and help all your doubts. Also, our system is fully integrated with all merchants.

Why your work is free?

The best possible deal is to be fair, and build a trustable relationship. We earn a commission when you work fine, and that’s the reason why we want to help you reach the top.

Check out our affiliate software

When we talk to you about being correctly tracked, we also talk about a clean, fast, accurate software that will track your online marketing.